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2010-10-23 11:28:57 by ReginaldDunstable

Dat music.

It's so good, you have no idea.

Listen and watch my crappy accompanying animation.

This artistic piece symbolises the Iraq war.


New Animation

2010-10-22 21:24:17 by ReginaldDunstable

Dearest darlings,

You should be delighted to know that my fabled autobiography has been POSTPONED! Instead I spent an hour of my life animating this:


Greetings, Newgrounds.

2010-09-25 18:17:06 by ReginaldDunstable

You don't know me, and I don't know you, but being such a nice guy, I've decided to write my thrilling autobiography for you. It's still in it's beta stages, but most people that have read it seem to have blessed by with their approval. Progress is slow, and I only ask that you show the patience I wish I could have with this stupid piece of writing that I hate.

Get ready for

the Riveting Tale of Reginald Dunstable, rated M, for... it's got dicks and that.